What Being Mugged Taught Burro

Mayank Batavia
2 min readJul 30, 2023

A light take on what writers can learn from what our friend Burro faced

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Because his girlfriend didn’t show up, Burro went to the movies alone one night.

After the show, he was walking through a dark alley.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, two rough characters jumped on him.

Burro put up a strong fight, but was soon overpowered.

One of the muggers pinned him down while the other went through his pockets.

All he found was $7.25.

The muggers were surprised.

“You fool! You put up this fight for just $7.25?” screamed one.

Burro grunted and said, “I thought you were mugging me for the $1,900 I have hidden in my shoes!”

3 Lessons for copywriters

Lesson 1: Often, it’s less painful and more convenient to talk directly about the most valuable thing your prospect is looking for.

Lesson 2: Don’t make your prospects work hard to find the hidden value. It hurts (like it hurt our friend Burro).

As they say, “Buy this car” is sometimes the best copy.

Lesson 3: Sometimes, there are only 2 lessons (which are sometimes the same anyway).

I really couldn’t think of lesson 3, but I still carried on.

If you are a copywriter, you shouldn’t do that.

Stop where it stops making sense.

(Joke: Reddit. Lessons: Mine. Originally published on LinkedIn).

Note: Burro is a fictional character I have written about on, mainly, LinkedIn to make a point (Entirely fictional. Any resemblance is coincidental and unintended).

Almost always, my Burro stories are based on jokes that I have heard/read. I try to learn and share the lessons behind the humour. My favorite number is three, so I create three lessons.



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