How China is laying out its AI plans (Infographic)

Mayank Batavia
2 min readNov 13, 2019

China doesn’t do anything at a small scale and its plans for dominating the world of technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are probably more all-pervasive than what most would have ever thought.

Here’s an infographic to give you a quick heads up on how China has laid out its AI designs.


China has elaborate plans to globally dominate AI — and businesses.

Origins: It all began in 2017…

In 2017, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) made public China’s plans to aggressively pursue AI.

Stages: The 3-stage framework…

The first stage envisages to get fully into AI by 2020. The second stage expects achieving technological breakthroughs by 2025. The final stage expects to dominate AI globally by 2030.

Focus: The 7 key areas…

The plan identifies seven areas to work on: Smart Audio, Connected Vehicles, Language Translations, Medical Imaging, Service Robots, Drones and Image Recognition.

Outcomes: Some of the benefits…

AI is expected to considerably speed up China’s industrialisation. It will help build high-end products and significantly improve China’s public support system.

Two more: Allied advantages too..

China’s AI plans will positively contribute to its Make In China program. Moreover, AI will contribute to the success of its ambitious and comprehensive Social Credit System.

So what? And some challenges…

Diversity in data to train AI systems isn’t going to be easy for China. And since AI relies on huge amounts of data, privacy rights could be at stake, given China’s human rights’ record.

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