AMA with Tristan Pollock, Head of Community CTO.AI

Mayank Batavia
2 min readMay 17, 2021
Insightful AMAs with growth leaders

We select 5 questions that Tristan, Head of Community CTO.AI and Ex-VC at 500Startups, answered in his AMA with GrowthHackers.

1. Developing a community

Repeat your mission and culture. Repeat it often so people feel it the same way as you.

The net worth of a company isn’t just monetary anymore. It grows with your community. What used to be “brand building” is more “movement building” and related to growth by community.

2. Building for startups

Create magic moments with your product and customer service and contribute to spaces of your future community. Build your own spaces (chats, Slacks, groups) and avenues (content, podcasts, fun engagement) to parlay off of your initial customers and the community you want.

3. Metrics to track

Depends on the business… Imagine you’re running online and offline events, hosting a community space, creating content… Growth metrics matters. And how they contribute to the bottom line of community members and overall community engagement similar to DAU/MAU for a product.

4. Engaging techies in Slack

90% of your members are lurkers and 10% or less will get more involved. There’s no quick fix. It takes time spent engaging at a human level. start empowering your active members and see where that goes.

5. Early steps for B2B

First step, seed the community. Get some of your most vocal customers in there and empower them to be champions of the community. Then, invite great community from elsewhere. Finally, develop product with love and create magic moments with the product.

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