AMA with Maria Coppola, Content Strategist HubSpot

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2 min readJun 1, 2021
Insightful growth hacks, from proven growth leaders

We select 5 questions that Maria, SEO Content Strategist with HubSpot, answered in his AMA with GrowthHackers.

1. How to prioritise on keywords

Is the KW connected to my buyer personas pain points? What’s the performance of the cluster that the keyword belongs to?

What is the search intent behind the KW? Is the search intent relevant to my business?

2. Content Strategy

We document insights on a quarterly basis. Indicate topic cluster opportunities.

Point at head keywords and long-tail keywords we want to focus on.

Look for featured snippet opportunities. Identify the gaps for images packs.

3. Battling high-competition KWs

Look for alternative KWs based on search intent. Optimize on relevant head KWs and long tail KWs.

Improve site architecture, use solid internal linking and all pages are easily accessible. Explore how you can get the kind of backlinks your competitors get.

4. Topics that are covered often

Check SERP to see if there are some angles not covered fully. Are there any unanswered questions?

What it is that my reader wants but hasn’t been covered? See if you can do some historical optimization of your existing content.

5. Differentiating your strategy

Confused because competitor already has a great content strategy?

It’s not about KWs alone, it’s about formats too. Maybe they haven’t exploited image packs fully. No business can cover virtually every angle so there will lots of things yet to write about.

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