AMA with Kathy Tong, Senior Growth Officer, Uber

We select 5 questions that Kathy, Senior Growth Officer at Uber, answered in her AMA with GrowthHackers.

1. On Keeping Growth Teams Engaged Sans Many Wins

Accept as a challenge to use data to inform new ways of working. Gamify by keeping tally of our wins and losses. Makes for a fun competitive spirit.

2. On Differences Between B2B and B2C Implementation

Onboarding journey of the audience. For Uber, short ads for B2C to generate trial. B2B may need more ad impressions and supplementary content.

3. On Strategies to Launch Successfully in New Markets

One size doesn’t fit all. We hired teams in-region and localize regional marketing creatives. That makes each region feel supported and gets local context in messaging.

4. On Managing Best Practices for Freemium Programs

Getting more free users is not the most important step. Best track the action like users uploading docs or trying certain features.Build campaigns to optimize these actions.

5. On Using Channels for Re-targeting for Outdoor Industry

Strategies depend on data you can collect, not on type of industry. See how you’re establishing your 1st touchpoint to build a list. On a website it’s different; in-store it’s different.

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