A Very Short Story on Understanding Client Context

Mayank Batavia
2 min readFeb 7, 2024

A short story for content writers on understanding client context.

A small town was having trouble.

A manufacturing plant was polluting their air and water.

But our shady politician friend Burro looked the other way.

Because the business greased his palms.

One afternoon, Burro was watching cat-videos in his office.

In walked a few citizens.

They started arguing with Burro.

Burro kept on denying his negligence.

Very soon, the argument got a little heated up.

They were accusing Burro of colluding with the manufacturing business, against the interest of the community.

One of the citizens got angry. “Aw, stop lying, Burro! We all know where you take your orders from!”

Burro shouted back, “Hey! Keep my wife out of this, okay?”


Three lessons for content writers when you start working with new clients.

1. Don’t respond on the basis of what you believe. Understand.
Different businesses use different terminologies. Ask for details first.

2. Know the scale before you answer.
One of my clients mentioned they were spending a *small sum* every month to run a few marketing experiments.

“I’m afraid 5–6k won’t do much.” I said with a smirk that comes from superficial knowledge.

I kid you not, the client stared back at me from the Zoom screen. “It’s close to 70k.”

Their modesty, and my ignorance of their sector, had fooled me.

3. A suppressed fear has a strange way of revealing itself.
Tell clients what you can do. And what you can’t.

It’s easier — and safer — that way.

Orginally published on LinkedIn.

Note: Burro is a fictional character I have written about on, mainly, LinkedIn to make a point (Entirely fictional. Any resemblance is coincidental and unintended).

Almost always, my Burro stories are based on jokes that I have heard/read. I try to learn and share the lessons behind the humour. My favorite number is three, so I create three lessons.

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(Traditional joke. Image: Undraw).



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