A Very Short Story About SEO

Mayank Batavia
2 min readNov 8, 2023

Our friend Burro was fond of singing at the top of his voice.

(Psst: He was a horrible singer.)

He’d burst into a song suddenly. Any time. Anywhere.

And keep singing for a long time.

His wife Cusa, a sensible lady, was tired of this habit.

One cold night after dinner Burro suddenly got into the singing mood.

So he started singing loudly.

His wife patiently walked out their house and sat on the garden chair.

A neighbour noticed this and asked her.

“Cusa, why are you sitting out on such a cold night?”

Cusa smiled.

“To avoid accusations of domestic violence.”

“You see, I don’t want anyone to think I’m thrashing Burro!”

Three lessons for content writers optimizing for SEO
1. Don’t abuse SEO to tie an effect with a cause.

SEO is deep. A few bumps don’t necessarily mean you hit the right keywords.

2. Blog performance is not WYSIWYG.
What’s going on inside the house may have nothing to do with what you see outside. Attribution is difficult.

3. A loud style (singing) may drive away even your regular visitors.
If your blog is unnecessarily lengthy, keyword-stuffed, or pointless, you will lose even your most dedicated audience.

Note: Burro is a fictional character I have written about on, mainly, LinkedIn to make a point (Entirely fictional. Any resemblance is coincidental and unintended).

Almost always, my Burro stories are based on jokes that I have heard/read. I try to learn and share the lessons behind the humour. My favorite number is three, so I create three lessons.

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(Traditional joke. Image: Undraw).



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