A Short Story on SEO and Content: How Long to the Next Town

Mayank Batavia
2 min readSep 26, 2023


A short story about marketing SEO, marketing KPIs, and performance marketing.

A lady was walking along a country road when she saw Burro working in his field.

She called out to Burro, “How long will it take me to get to the next town?”

Burro glanced up but didn’t answer and resumed working instead.

The lady waited a bit and asked again.

Again Burro didn’t answer and continued working.

Frustrated, the lady shook her head and started walking.

After she had walked about a hundred yards, Burro yelled out “About 20 minutes!”

The lady was surprised, so she turned and shouted.

“Hey, thanks! But why didn’t you tell me that when I asked you?”

Burro pursed his lips.

“At that point I didn’t know how fast you could walk.”

Lessons that clients need to learn from their content writers and SEO consultants.

Lesson 1: How fast you get to rank on page 1 depends on your speed (of implementing the freelance writer / SEO consultant’s recommendations).

Lesson 2: When your freelance writer / SEO consultant doesn’t communicate, it doesn’t mean they aren’t doing any work. They might simply be experimenting, measuring, recording, and observing things.

Lesson 3: There are a few things that an SEO consultant can only advise on. It’s *you* who needs to do the walking.

(Story source: BoredPanda. Lessons: Mine Image: Undraw. Originally published on LinkedIn).

Note: Burro is a fictional character I have written about on, mainly, LinkedIn to make a point (Entirely fictional. Any resemblance is coincidental and unintended).

Almost always, my Burro stories are based on jokes that I have heard/read. I try to learn and share the lessons behind the humour. My favorite number is three, so I create three lessons.

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