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Here’s the context.

Since the last year, or just around the start of Covid-19 and the China-initiated skirmishes on the Indo-China border, the government of India tried different measures to counter the Chinese threat.

One of them was to fend off China on commercial grounds: give a push to Atmanirbhar Bharat, Make in India drives and drastically cut down India’s reliance on Chinese goods (Banning TikTok and similar apps was one of the steps, which, according to many, was silly tokenism.).

Back to today.

Yesterday, The Economic Times published some data that showed how India is buying from China big…

Insightful growth hacks, from proven growth leaders

We select 5 questions that Maria, SEO Content Strategist with HubSpot, answered in his AMA with GrowthHackers.

1. How to prioritise on keywords

Is the KW connected to my buyer personas pain points? What’s the performance of the cluster that the keyword belongs to?

What is the search intent behind the KW? Is the search intent relevant to my business?

2. Content Strategy

We document insights on a quarterly basis. Indicate topic cluster opportunities.

Point at head keywords and long-tail keywords we want to focus on.

Look for featured snippet opportunities. Identify the gaps for images packs.

3. Battling high-competition KWs

Look for alternative KWs based on search intent. …

Insightful AMAs with growth leaders

We select 5 questions that Tristan, Head of Community CTO.AI and Ex-VC at 500Startups, answered in his AMA with GrowthHackers.

1. Developing a community

Repeat your mission and culture. Repeat it often so people feel it the same way as you.

The net worth of a company isn’t just monetary anymore. It grows with your community. What used to be “brand building” is more “movement building” and related to growth by community.

2. Building for startups

Create magic moments with your product and customer service and contribute to spaces of your future community. …

We selected 6 questions that Jenny, Director of Growth Officer at MorningBrew, answered in her AMA with GrowthHackers.

1. On Open Rates vs List Size

Unique opens is the #1 metric. Focus more on opens than list size since it’s more representative of how many quality, engaged users you’re bringing into your ecosystem.

2. On Building a Referral Program

Every program is unique, but the general advice is: focus on how you can use the program to deepen that user’s relationship with the product/brand as opposed to just how they can bring more users.

3. Process of Writing Great Content

A couple of different components when it comes to the process… We begin with cool things we see on…

Now that we’re almost past Black Friday / Cyber Monday, marketers need to ask an important question: What next?

All the resources and energy you put into Black Friday / Cyber Monday marketing — how do you ensure the momentum continues?

Obviously you can’t continue for the rest of the year all the deals, discounts and offers you offered during Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

So what do you do?

The answer, at least partly, lies in what you do after the sales.

Post-purchase emails is the one of the best things you’ll be doing after the marketing frenzy cools…

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On February 19 this year, the European Commission (EC) released A European Strategy for Data, an important document spelling out what the EC has in mind regarding its data strategy.

In essence, it is a go-to map for the member countries of the European Union (EU), aimed at helping them find a strong foothold in the data economy that’s unfolding out there.

The following alone will clearly show the kind of ambitions that the EU holds:

“(to) become a leading role model for a society empowered by data to make better decisions — in business and the public sector”.


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Lockdowns and sudden Work From Home (WFH) are throwing up new challenges.

It may sound repetitive, but the fact is lots of organizations and lots of people are experiencing WFH for the first time ever.

Reporting channels, meetings, customer support, production, marketing … every process, function and department is seeing major changes.

Project leads, managers and department heads are trying to find ways to remotely manage their teams.

And one of the biggest challenges here is keeping your teams all pepped up.

Here are 4 ways of improving team performance as you all WFH. All the four activities are simple…

We select 5 questions that Kathy, Senior Growth Officer at Uber, answered in her AMA with GrowthHackers.

1. On Keeping Growth Teams Engaged Sans Many Wins

Accept as a challenge to use data to inform new ways of working. Gamify by keeping tally of our wins and losses. Makes for a fun competitive spirit.

2. On Differences Between B2B and B2C Implementation

Onboarding journey of the audience. For Uber, short ads for B2C to generate trial. B2B may need more ad impressions and supplementary content.

3. On Strategies to Launch Successfully in New Markets

One size doesn’t fit all. We hired teams in-region and localize regional marketing creatives. That makes each region feel supported and gets local context in messaging.

4. On Managing Best Practices for Freemium Programs

Getting more free users is not…

We select 5 interesting questions Daugirdas, CMO Hostinger, answered in his AMA with GrowthHackers.

1. On Customer Feedback

Be brave enough to ask customers to share their experience with you publicly. That will start generating even more traction for your business.

2. On Growth Hacking

Growth hacking unites experimentation, testing, and cross-functional thinking. The goal is to learn how to provide the most value to your customers.

3. On Limited Budget

Establish a powerful outbound — sales flow. It’s easy, doesn’t require any capital investment and gives you feedback. Later invest in marketing and traffic.

4. On SEO factors

Bring value and a good user experience for your target audience. Visitors don’t have time, so website…

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued its decision on a data protection that now become popular as Schrems II.

Many expert see this judgment as one that will have far-reaching impact on data privacy issues and the related challenges, particularly on how (and whether) data can be transferred out of European borders.

Quick Facts about the Schrems II

What is Schrems II?

Schrems II is a case in the CJEU (Case C-311/18) regarding data privacy. Its judgment was delivered in Luxembourg on 16 July 2020.

Who are the parties in Schrems II?

The Data Protection Commissioner vs Facebook Ireland Ltd, Maximillian Schrems. Intervening parties were: The United States of America, Electronic Privacy Information…

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